As a payment platform, Trustly is a new but great option for use on betting sites. It is extremely easy to use, as it does away with the need for an e-wallet and having to fund it. Moreover, you don’t have to visit a physical location either, unlike with some other payment methods. Further, Trustly betting sites in New Mexico are also fast and easy to work with.

The utility of Trustly goes beyond its security features and ease of use. You’re in complete control of your payments as you initiate and proceed with the whole thing manually. In other words, you don’t have to trust any party to process your transaction as requested. Moreover, using Trustly does not involve a registration process. In fact, the platform won’t store your banking records beyond the transactions, making it practically impossible to steal or hack them later. Further, Trustly can shield you from chargebacks as well as expired cards.

What is Trustly?

The first version of Trustly was launched in the year 2008 in Sweden. Since then, the platform has allowed customers to make payments and shop online without the need for a card or an app. As an open banking method, Trustly supports over 6,000 banks and serves over 500 million customers. The platform also provides payment services to PayPal & TransferWise, among several other companies. In the US, though, the platform was launched as recently as in 2020. But it has since picked up tremendous heat, including on betting websites.

For its work, Trustly bypasses the card system as well as the need for an online wallet. It works using an account-to-account transfer system, moving funds directly between bank accounts. You can easily make both deposits and withdrawals using just your banking details and mobile number. There is no need to sign up anywhere or install an app either. Trustly features best-in-class security features, including a two-factor verification for making payments. Withdrawals are also relatively fast and secure, and there is a friendly 24/7 customer support team to resolve any delays in cashing out your winnings.

Depositing using Trustly on an NM betting site

Making deposits with Trustly is an easy two-step process. Firstly, visit the deposit section of your chosen NM sportsbook and select Trustly as your mode of payment. Then enter your banking details along with your deposit amount and verify the transaction.

  1. Head to the deposit page of the NM betting site. Log in to your sportsbook and head to the cashier/banking section and select deposit. If you don’t have an account, create one using your personal details. You can find a vetted list of sportsbooks on this page. Simply choose one and proceed to registration. Once registered and logged in, select the cashier section and pick the deposit option.
  2. Choose Trustly as your deposit method. Once you select the deposit button, you’ll see a list of the available payment methods, along with their icons. Now choose Trustly from the list and enter the amount you wish to deposit. After that, press the deposit button again.
  3. Pick your bank from the list. Now you will see a list of the available banks that are compatible with Trustly. Choose your bank (if it is available for use at a Trustly betting site in New Mexico) using the drop-down menu and proceed to the next step, where you’ll enter your banking details.
  4. A new window will open that connects to your bank. The betting site will now redirect you to the payment gateway. Here you need to enter your Trustly account details in the fields provided.
  5. Input your bank details and verify the transaction. As you share your Trustly details with the bank, you may need to re-enter the amount of your deposit. You’ll then receive a one-time security code from your bank to authenticate the transaction. Following a successful deposit, you’ll receive a confirmation email on your registered email id containing the details of the payment.

Withdrawing using Trustly on a sportsbook in New Mexico

Cashing out your winnings on a sports betting site in New Mexico is also an easy two-step procedure. First, visit the withdrawal section of your sportsbook and choose Trustly. Then enter the banking details and complete the withdrawal request.

  1. Go to the cashier page of the New Mexico sportsbook. Log in to your sportsbook account and head straight to the banking/cashier section. For some sportsbooks, you’ll need to visit the ‘My account’ section to find the withdrawal menu.
  2. Input the amount you wish to withdraw and select Trustly. Enter the amount of your withdrawal and choose Trustly with its instant transfer option. Following this, click the withdraw button.
  3. Choose your bank from the list. Select the bank in which you wish to receive your withdrawal amount. After this, you’ll need to authenticate the transaction.
  4. A new window will open where you verify the transaction. The betting site will now transfer you to the Trustly website. Input your bank data and finish the withdrawal. Remember that it can take up to 5 days for the funds to appear in your bank account.

Pros of using Trustly on betting apps in NM

There are many benefits to using a Trustly betting site in New Mexico for your payment needs on online sportsbooks. Among them are speed, convenience, and ease of use. Below, you can find some more details.

  • Highly secure: Making payments with Trustly provides you with a multi-layer security system. Apart from the encryption of data and transactions, there is a two-stage authentication in place to secure your online banking.
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals: Trustly processes all your deposits instantly. And while some withdrawals may take up to 5 business days, you’ll usually receive your winnings within one day of initiating a request.
  • Low fees: As a payment service, Trustly is free to use. There are no additional charges for deposits & withdrawals. Further, there are no platform or subscription fees either.

Top Trustly alternatives on New Mexico sportsbooks

As a payment provider, Trustly may be growing in popularity. But there are leading alternatives available for your payment needs, too. Below are some of them.

  • Skrill: Skrill is an e-wallet-based payment method. It is fairly new in the US but is ideal for fans of online wallets. Skrill is fast, although it is not free to use. It also provides VIP programs for regular users.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a very common payment method on betting sites. It is great for fast deposits as well as secure transactions. PayPal is one of the most trusted payment methods available. You simply need to register and upload funds to your account.
  • Discover Card: Discover Card strikes a fine balance between convenience and safety features. It is increasingly common on betting sites and provides you with plenty of rewards, cashback, and bonuses. The payment method is also safe and easy to use, requiring just a card number along with its expiry date.
  • Visa: Visa accounts for the largest payment network in the world. You can use both debit and credit cards for making payments. Further, your transactions will have world-class security. Transfers are reliable to make, with minimal transaction fees in the process.


How safe is it to use Trustly on New Mexico sportsbooks?

It is extremely safe to use Trustly on New Mexico sportsbooks. Trustly will securely store your banking data using industry-grade encryption, and your transactions will go through multiple layers of security checks. There will be a two-step authentication along with password-based security.

Do all betting sites in New Mexico accept Trustly?

No, not all betting sites in New Mexico accept Trustly. However, you can expect more and more sites to offer support for the payment method, given its rising popularity and ease of use. Meanwhile, you can find one for yourself right here on this page.

How can I check if an NM betting site accepts Trustly?

You can check if an NM betting site accepts Trustly by searching for it on this page. Also, you can look for the payment method manually on a given site. The list of supported payment methods is at the bottom of the page, as well as on the TnCs page.