As a payment provider, Discover Card may not be as popular as American Express or Visa. But it is still a great way to make payments on online sportsbooks. This is because of the exciting rewards you get for using it, as well as the authenticity of the betting websites that support the payment method. The latter is due to Discover’s stringent requirements for accepting betting sites into its network. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Discover Card betting sites in New Mexico are nowadays growing in popularity among bettors.

In this article, you’ll learn about how to make deposits using your Discover Card, as well as the pros and cons of using the payment method. You’ll also discover some leading alternatives to the payment provider. Read on to learn more about Discover Card betting sites in NM.

About Discover Card

The Discover Card was first introduced in the year 1985 by the brand Sears. At the time of its launch, Discover Card charged no annual fees as well as offering fairly high credit limits. Later, it also introduced its ‘Cashback Bonus’ on eligible purchases made using the card. Discover Bank is the company that issues Discover Card, under the ownership of Discover Financial. As of today, Discover makes for the third biggest credit card company in the US, right behind Visa and Mastercard.

Using a Discover Card is a fairly straightforward process. You just need to open your Discover Card account and once it is approved, it will be ready for use on betting websites. Also, you don’t need to download a mobile app or visit a physical location to make payments. In fact, using a Discover card is just like using any other credit card on the market. Its convenience and portability are part of what attracts betting enthusiasts to use it.

How to deposit on NM betting sites with Discover Card

Joining Discover and making a deposit with it on NM betting sites is an easy two-step process. First, you need to pick an online sportsbook and create an account. Then, select Discover as the deposit method and confirm your payment details.

  1. Pick an NM betting site that accepts Discover Card. You don’t have to do the legwork of finding an NM betting site on your own. Browse a vetted list of online sportsbooks in NM on this page. Then choose one that you like and proceed to register using your personal details.
  2. Open your account and pick Discover Card as the deposit method. Create an account by entering your personal details, such as name, email address, and phone number. Then, visit the cashier/banking section of your sportsbook and select deposit. Choose Discover Card as your deposit method.
  3. Enter your Discover Card details. Input your Discover credit card details such as the card number and the expiry date. Your browser may come in handy here with its autofill feature. Also, enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Start betting. Confirm your details and follow any on-screen prompts to complete the payment. Also, don’t forget to verify your sportsbook account and claim/activate your bonus. You’re now all set to make your first bet.

Is it possible to withdraw to my Discover Card from an NM betting site?

No, it is not possible to withdraw using your Discover Card from an NM sportsbook. Since it is a credit card, you need to set up an alternative method for your withdrawals. Further, many betting sites do not offer the option of withdrawing to Discover cards. As such, you can opt for other debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, or even use a prepaid card option like Play+. You may also use e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, or an innovative payment method like PayNearMe. And of course, you can also make withdrawals if you’re using a Discover debit card.

Upsides of using Discover Card on betting sites in New Mexico

There are plenty of advantages to using Discover Card on betting sites. Among them are speed, security, and cashback rewards. Below, you can explore them in detail.

  • Speedy transactions: Online gambling sites in New Mexico will process your Discover Card deposits instantly or within minutes at most. In the rare event, a deposit takes over 2 hours to appear in your sportsbook balance, you can contact support to sort it out.
  • Cashback bonuses: Cashback and promotions are by far the most loved aspect of using a Discover card. Besides earning rewards and cashback points from Discover, you can avail of welcome deposit bonuses from sportsbooks as well.
  • Elite security: Discover Card betting sites are highly vetted before being allowed to offer the payment method. Further, Discover uses industry-standard encryption to secure your transactions and banking data.

Downsides of using Discover Card on NM sportsbooks

As swift, secure, and rewarding as Discover may be, there are some downsides to using it. These include a lack of widespread acceptance, as well as higher fees and overspending risks. Below, you can explore them in detail.

  • Some NM sportsbooks may not accept Discover Card. Unfortunately, Discover Card is yet to be as widely accepted on betting sites as other leading credit and debit cards. Moreover, online sportsbooks have to bear extra effort to process Discover Card payments. They also have to pay higher fees.
  • You could overspend. Just like with using any other credit card, there is a risk of overspending with a Discover card. The irresistible cashback and promotions, and the fact that you’re using the card for gambling purposes, do not help matters either, given the associated risks of addiction involved.
  • Fees are higher compared to other methods. Using your Discover Card on a betting site may get treated as a cash advance. Therefore, you may incur higher fees as well as interest rates for using it.

Best Discover Card alternatives to use on New Mexico sportsbooks

Discover Card may be growing in appeal among sports bettors. But it is not your only option to pay on betting sites. You can find some leading alternatives below.

  • Venmo: Straight from the backing and brand name of PayPal, Venmo is a great payment option for online sportsbooks. As a peer-to-peer service, it offers free and fast transactions on leading sportsbooks. You can make your payments using the Venmo mobile app.
  • Visa: As the largest payment network in the world, Visa readily offers payment support on betting sites. You can make transfers using a debit or a credit card. Visa offers world-class secure payments, along with fair transaction fees.
  • Online banking: This involves two ways to make payments on betting sites. You can visit the deposit section of your sportsbook and initiate an instant deposit. Also, you can initiate a transfer manually using your bank’s website if you don’t see your bank listed on the sportsbook.


How can I check if a sportsbook in New Mexico accepts Discover Card?

You can check if a sportsbook in New Mexico accepts Discover Card right here on this page. There is a list of vetted sportsbooks provided for your easy reference. You can also manually locate Discover at the bottom of a betting website, or in its terms & conditions.

Is it safe to use my Discover Card on NM betting sites?

Yes, it is extremely safe to use your Discover Card on NM betting sites. Your banking details get stored on secure servers, and your transactions get encrypted using industry-grade protocols. Furthermore, betting sites with the Discover option tend to be highly legitimate.

How long does it take for my deposit to come through using Discover Card in NM?

It takes seconds for your deposit to come through using Discover Card on NM betting sites. Most deposits get processed instantly after you confirm them. In case your deposit takes more than 2 hours to arrive, reach out to your sportsbook customer support and they will help you sort the issue.